Monday, January 08, 2007

Obama with a 'B'

So what is a rising star Senator to do when the tough drug questions come up? Deny deny deny or just admit they not only inhaled but snorted/freebased/stuck some pills up their butt? We're not implying Barrack Obama was ever rolling hardcore on the E, we all know he preferred the nose-candy, but it does raise some interesting questions. Especially since he has chosen the honesty path. What does it matter what someone tried 25 years ago? Is he a political dummie for admitting the truth, or is it extremely refreshing in an era of thinly veiled political lies? No one believed Clinton or W, so why not just come out and tell the truth? His truth strategy seems to have made this a non-issue, so perhaps sometimes the way to avoid a scandal is to beat your opponents to the punch.

And also, what are you going to tell your kids when they ask about your drug use? I'm not looking at you Susie Straightlace, I'm looking at you, Pete Doherty-wannabe. Especially when their Auntie Kat comes over to warp their sweet little minds with old photos of you with that gold straw up your nose.


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