Thursday, January 04, 2007

Survey This!

Ah the myspace survey. A collection of questions that can be posted on your page to show the real you. Do you like coke or pepsi? How tall is your ideal mate? Have you eaten a box of oreos in the last month? Fascinating inquiries that may help you weed those undesirables out of your 400 friends. Oh, how we love taking them! Because really, we all love to be asked about ourselves. What is my favorite fast food restaurant? Really, you want to know? Just like ego-gling or those addictive quizzes on emode, we get off on self-disclosure. And that is all well and good, and sometimes helpful (I mean really, who wants to be friends with someone who scored "Charlotte" on the SATC quiz). But the problem is, no one likes to read others surveys. At least not more than one. Even the most clever, fascinating person becomes reduced to nothing more than: Yes, No, Burger King, Single, Nestea, Short, Brown, Blue, Slender, Taller than me.

So, dear beloved myspacers, please do one of the following:

Stop filling out surveys
Fill out only one survey. Not per day, just in total. Really.
For the love of puppies, do not send surveys as bulletins
Invent a better survey. Try to include the question "Strangest thing you've swallowed is?"

Now, I realize that this post goes against the very thing it is contained in, a blog. So I will try to practice what I preach, and the answer is "my nose ring"

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Tricia said...

this is coming from YOU? survey queen? hahah