Tuesday, February 27, 2007


  • I always forget douche-rock band Fall Out Boy is from Chicagoland. That makes me hate them less, but I still have issue with Pete Wentz. Is he hot in that lame bad boy way, or not hot in that lame bad boy way? Sigh... I'll have to google up that picture of his wang again to decide... [ChicagoMag]

  • $1.2 million raised for lung cancer by those willing to Climb the Cock. Kudos, suckers. [CBS2]

  • Teyonda Wertz demaded some Human Servicing from her employee Carlos Estes at the Drury Inn while on a state business trip. Related- is there anything creepier and less sexy than silk pajamas? Oh right, the Drury Inn. Shudder. [SunTimes]

  • If you're really bored today, I suppose you could vote. Or just plop on the couch and watch a Law and Order Marathon. Either way. [ChiTrib]

  • BYOB- it's one of so many things that make us better than NYC. Wait, they have it too? Well, they don't have Tango Sur. [TOC]

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