Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Oh Feb. 14th, how I miss the innocent days when I looked forward to you as a fun grade-school holiday, filled with candy, My Little Pony cards and class-interupting craft projects. But alas, those days are gone and now this day is one of contempt. Well not really, more annoyance, and I dislike any holiday that requires people to feel or plan something. You'd think this would be easier as a single person, but unfortunately we poor solitary singles are forced to plan an alternative evening, one that highlights that how we are really not pathetic but rather Fabulous and look just how Amazing we are! Delicious fancy dinners with a group of girlfriends, getting shit-faced and finding a random V-day companion at Hye Bar, having friends over for a mani-pedi and "Fatal Attraction"viewing, all these activites only serve to acknowledge the very Hallmark-holiday they are organized to give the big Fuck You to. So, I am planning an alternative alternate. From this post on, I am completely ignorant of the fact that today is anything other than Wednesday. I suggest, unless you really like Glenn Close or one night stands, which I suspect you might, that you do the same. Who put a freaking holiday in February anyway? We should all be hibernating right now.

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