Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's almost, but not quite, Friday

  • Hipsters have been going crazy for David Lynch's latest film, now playing at the MusicBox. They have been going as far as to wait in line. Outside. In the cold, with only their sense of superiority to keep them warm. I'd go see it, but I don't wait in line with hipsters. [MusicBox]

  • The French are banning smoking and considering allowing naps on the job. They are SO trying to be us. Copy-cats. [Yahoo]

  • You now have no excuse not to spend your Saturday at the Art Institute. Quit lazing around, you worthless hungover fatty, and go learn something. [ArtInstitute]

  • Three new restaurants that look so good, I think I just came in my mouth. [ChicagoReader]

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