Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gin and Links

  • We beat LA! I mean, was there really any question? Gorgeous culturally-rich although morbidly obese Chicago versus earthquakey celeb-overridden endless adobe suburb LA. Go us! (p.s.- the Olympics are lame, but we really really like winning things) [ChiTrib]

  • Outraged prudes are calling for firings after DVDs were sent to media and parents last week of Sandridge Elementary Principal Leroy Coleman getting laid all over school by a variety of naughty teachers... wait, I've seen that movie... [ChiTrib]

  • Hi-Tops is going to become Harry Caray's after this season. But where will unattractive 28 year-olds go to grind on underage drunk girls? Oh right, The Hangge Uppe. [ChicagoMag]

  • Astronaut Suni Williams runs the Boston Marathon in space as crewmates look on and toss orange slices at her. Aren't they supposed to be doing research or testing monkeys or something generally useful? Is it just a party with the Russians up there? [CNN]

  • Apparently there is a new area called the Warehouse District and it's the Place to Fucking Be. Isn't that area technically WeLo? Enough with downtown really, I predict the next big thing will be either SoFaux (South of Foster), WeDep (west of depaul east of bucktown) or NoWeIn (the region)

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