Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lets all just take a deap breath. Oh right, you can't.

It has happened, OMG Becky! Our lovely state has banned smoking in bars and restaurants. Uh. Oh. People downstate are So totally not going to like that they can't have their fried chicken, Coors Lite and Marlboro Mediums all together at the same time. Ok. I feel your pain. Those three things are all fun, delicious, and guaranteed to make you instantly awesomer. Remember how cool Christina Applegate was in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead, when she smoked and pretended to be older and got a sweet fashion job? And sure, going outside in the cold is pretty annoying both to you freezing you ass off and, more so, to those living around your favorite wating hole who get to deal with you screaming hilarious obscenities and chain-smoking at 3 am. But really, this is better for everyone. Think how nice it will be to not leave the bar and have to immediately hop in a shower and burn your clothes because of the reek of smoke and bar filth! And you won't be tempted to turn into a human chimney the second you get a little blotto. Thanks, RodBlo, for helping us help ourselves.


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