Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back Yo

PTI- I was busy. I'm SO busy and important. And now I'm bored, so here's a blog:

  • Wait, we have a yellow line? Apparently, and it runs as shittily as the rest of the CTA. [ChiTrib]

  • Macy's Glamorama goes country this year: the store will "reimagined as a chic urban rodeo. There will be mechanical bull rides for charity, "Coyote Ugly"-style bar dancers, branding tattoos and the music of DJ Ruckus". Um, wasn't that hot about 6 years ago? You know, back in the golden era of Kid Rock and the Coyote Ugly movie? [SunTimes]

  • Bad news, crackhead-No more staggering out of the Hunt Club and immediately scoring some sweet sweet smack. You'll have to trek it down to at least Chicago and Rush for your nosecandy. [ChiTrib]

  • Pinkberry is coming to town! Along with a couple other fluffed artificially sweetened air purveyors. [Chicagoist]

  • Because Chicago is truly small town, we totally know murder suspect Pat Ford who killed his girlfriend 3 blocks from the SCK lair on Sunday morning. Sad, messed up, terrible. [ChiTrib]

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vesaria1219 said...

for the record...being the LA girl that I am...Pinkberry IS indeed a crock of marketing shit. i would describe it as watered down sour cream blended w/ice and some splenda. ..and i know no one that actually admits to liking the stuff after "the craze" spread it like the plague all over LA. the toppings are there just to conceal the ass-esque flavor (believe me - i was asking for extra toppings and piled that sh*t on after taking the first bite). and the green tea you ask? it's doesn't get any fact...worse...MUCH worse.