Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006: That year that just ended

As my new years resolution is to be more positive, I will stop the sass mouth for at least 2 weeks following this post. Or I won't. But for now it must be stated that 2006 was one shitasscock year. Why did 06 suck so hard?: The man of the year was the very undeserving You, a dance song sampling "The Lonely Goatherd", Rex Grossman, full frontal views of Britney's scarred and Lilo's orange bloated vajayjays, a diatribe by a greasy bloated Elvis look-alike making fun of said fire-crotch, more people naming their babies Jaden, the advent of the sayings "I'm bringing ____ back" "___ on a mother-fucking ____", the use of the suffix -alicious, Chicago caring enough about foie gras to spend the time/money/energy to enact a ban, leggings with jean skirts, Donald Trump talking, Rosie O'Donnell talking, Taylor Hicks, and the fact that we did not invent Youtube. It's gotta be all up from here? Right?

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