Monday, January 15, 2007

Lindsay does what she does best

If you believe the very informative web sources, in the past year young Lindsay Lohan has been: hospitalized 7 times, engaged to Harry Morton, obsessed with Harry Morton, dumped by Harry Morton, anorexic, coke-bloated, a cutter, friends with Paris, beaten up by Paris, in AA, carrying vodka in water bottles, OD'ing at the Chateau Marmont, appendix-less, adequite, looking to Al Gore for help, snorting strawberry quik cut with cocaine, losing jewelry in Birkins, sleeping with Stavros Nachos, a fan of Proactive, tweaking out in her car at 6 a.m. over imaginary paparazzi, and fire-crotched. I'm sure only about 7/8ths of those stories are true. But it does bring up the question, are starlets today more a mess, or do we just know more about it? What fascinating things were the stars of yesterago doing that TMZ missed capturing? Marilyn on a drug run in the Valley in her sweats? Audrey stumbling out of a club at 4 a.m.? Close-ups of Veronica Lakes track-marks? Oh, what could have been if we had lost our standards years ago...


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