Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Still Classier than Packers fans

All of Chicago is abuzz with Superbowl excitement, the Will Smith classic "Going to Miami" is being played non-stop, along with about 18 versions of the Superbowl Shuffle, but it can't all be fun and terrible music. Because in every group there's at least 2 idiots. They like to team up and get all racial after a few too many Coors Lights. Is this really Da Mayors fault? The man can bulldoze an airport in the middle of the night, but it hardly seems like its his job to keep white trash from making Katrina references.
Also, what is up with the pregnant women pulling Bears stunts? First the induced labor before game day, and now a woman is selling ad space on her pregnant stomach. I mean, that fetus isn't paying off just hanging out in there...

[Advertise on my unborn, SunTimes]
[More classy fans. ChicagoTribune]

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