Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I admit it, I had a "Molly"

American Girl place, the little Wisconsin company that could, has plans to take over the south, and then the east, and eventually the World. Toys are excellent things, and back in my day I don't think I met a doll I didn't like (except Baby Alive, creepy bitch), but doesn't there just seem to be something somehow wrong about American Girl? Is it the sight of overzealous tourists clammering to get inside the Michigan Ave outpost, is it the $87 doll with her $40 outfit with matching $52 outfit for your spoiled youngster and don't forget the $118 canopy bed! (prices in real amounts) No, it has to be the "Just Like You" dolls which you customize to look, that's right, just like you. "Every girl can find a doll to match her spirit and look—inside and out." They clone your childs spirit and inject it in a similar looking plastic toy. Who wants to play with a doll that looks just like them? Isn't the idea to have outrageous standards in dolls, like Barbie's long blond hair, big blue eyes and impossible figure? Yeah, I know, in 10-20 years when I have my own screaming brat I'll buy her an American Girl to win her love and attempt to make up for my frigid parenting. But she's getting one of the 3 ethnic dolls.



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