Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Media in the Morning

  • Bridget Jones and Dylan McKay a couple? It could work! [SocialiteLife]
  • The Golden Globes were given out last night. Recap: Jennifer Hudson, Babel, Ugly Betty, Maria Menoulououos is an idiot, Borat. Is it weird that we think Sasha Baron Cohen is kinda hot? [CNN]
  • And they all wore clothes. With varying degrees of success. [EOnline]
  • David Beckham and that skinny robot who follows him around are planning their move to Hollywood and gossip columnists everywhere are freaking the fuck out. [People][TMZ]
  • Britney and her new thug spend $40,000 on one night in Vegas. Lets hope at least some of that went toward hygiene. [People]

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