Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chicago's Finest

On February 19, off-duty Chi PD Anthony Abbate decided to get good and drunk. And so he did just so at a klassy establishment called Jesse's Short Stop Inn on west Belmont. Big Tony got a little carried away, and after trying to buy round of shots with no money and fight various fellow patrons, bartender Karolina Obrycka cut him off. Tony didn't take this well and decided to go behind the bar and repeatedly kick and punch 115 pound Karolina. Nice, super nice. My favorite part is how after filing charges, Tony's police buddies threatened to arrest the victim and bar owner unless they dropped their case. Way to stick together, violent douches (note: future band name). This is why the people of your city, and the rest of the country, thinks you're a bunch of dirty corrupt pricks. Because you are.

Oh, and there is video, natch:


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m. chaz said...

SCK was assaulted by an off duty ChiPD Officer in spring of 2003 accompanied by G. Elstein. Those fuckers refused to prosecute despite the fact we identified the jag off. As Bob Steele would say, "My name is Bob Steele and I hate all cops."