Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stealing Summer

For the past 3 days the shiny warm happy face of G-d has smiled upon Chicago, giving us glorious 80 degree weather and snapping us out of the seasonal depressive misery we have been experiencing since Nov 06. Not content to sit on someones deck with a brat and a Corona, I (Kat) represented SCK in the Shamrock Shuffle. And no, I didn't win. It was sort of like driving in rush-hour traffic, only very slightly more painful. Kudos to all who tried and all, but really, why sign up for a 8K race if you are not capable of running 2 miles? There were people walking at the 1 mile point even. Not walking like "I have a cramp and I'll start up again in a sec", but walking like "I'm cashing it in and need a sandwich".

Other than that, the race was a fantastic experience thanks to the fact that it was like a warm orgasm outside, and the route goes through Millenium Park and the Loop. I fully recommend running it next year. Provided that you can move your ass more than 1000 meters, tubby.

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