Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patricks Day Hghghghghghgh

Was St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday not the worst thing ever? I suppose I just didn't bong/mainline enough green beer (only sweet lady H for me) but what a pain in the ass. After the debacle that was looking for parking in my Irish pub filled neighborhood for an hour and 5 minutes, finally settling on a spot somewhere in Evanston, I decided not to leave the confines of Sex on Southport (my apt) for the rest of the night. That got old and I got bored and restless and ventured out at 11:30, to find everyone had passed out. Mostly on the Southport sidewalk. Seriously ladies. If you don't want to end up in a puddle of your own green puke at 8 pm with your boyfriend/#1 gay/dude-who-is-trying-to-nail-you standing over you trying to get you to stand up and get back in the cab, don't behave like quite such a brainless hobag. Starting drinking at 6 am is not a good idea. Neither are Jaeger shots or triple fisting. You are not a Phi Delt pledge. You are a mid-20 something who weighs 110 pounds. Go the fuck easy.


The previous was a diatribe by a very annoyed Kat who feels a lot better now. Apologies. Muah!

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ann said...

Funny!!!! OMFG so true!