Thursday, March 29, 2007

We are That house

I am very lucky to live in a very nice apartment in a lovely building on a popular and fabulous street in a gorgeous city. My building is a house, 3 stories, brick, all around a class-act. Apparently someone Hollywood-related took notice of this fact, as I arrived home around 6:30 last evening to find a film crew setting up in my urban yard (stoop and sidewalk). They were decorating our fence with garland when I strolled inside. I left and went to the gym shortly after, giving the crew go-fer a friendly nod. Returning home an hour later I found that to the garland had been added about a dozen fake red poinsettas and christmas lights were hanging on our local sidewalk tree. Oh, and I know the poinsettas are fake because I stole one, of course. I thought this must be the Vince Vaughn movie that everyone and their boss has been an extra in, but some nosing around revealed that they were filming the Michael Keaton directed feature "The Merry Gentleman". That's right, the second least shitty Batman has chosen our home as his set. (Don't you defend Val Kilmer, he's not worth it. He's not worth it)

So this is all very exciting, and my house is going to be super famous and may start dating Courtney Love now that she's all skinny and shit. However, when the crew packed up and left around 10:30, they left the garland and flowers and lights prominantly displayed on our home and stoop. I didn't want to take them down in case they return tonight to film more, and so now we look like crazy people who never took their Christmas decorations down. Thanks Michael Keaton!

[Info about the movie]

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