Friday, May 11, 2007

All you need is Links

  • Such an inventive solution to the problem of how to smuggle your nosecandy on board a plane! Too bad it didn't work out better. [ChiTrib]
  • Pop. Six. Squish. Uhuh. Naperville. Lipshitz. [NBC5]
  • Amy Winehouse managed to show up at the Vic and get through her entire set without vomiting on stage or having her pants fall off her emaciated booty. Which, it turns out, was kind of a shame. [TOC]
  • Yet another reason to keep it up north: Looptopia is taking the fuck over this weekend. It's not that we hate midnight Yoga or anyone douchey enough to take part in it, it's just that, well... we do. [SunTimes]
  • Best article accompanying photo of the year. [Chicagoist]

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