Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Link me a River

  • It's nearly time to get Festive! Oh the Chicago Summer Festival: a time to sneak past the neighborhood association members-hobos asking for donations, stand on your street drinking $6 beers in the middle of the day, eat funnel cakes, sit on the curb and listen to Mr. Blotto and Paul and Joe, scope on people you think you probably went to college with but who you just can't place now, drive home after a long day to realize most of your hood is blocked off and you now must pay to park in your regular spot, and buy seed-bead necklaces from a well-aged hippie. We Love Summer. [TOC- Kat contributed to this completely amazing and wonderful guide]

  • The parents of a 12 year old girl are suing mad that she was shown Brokeback Mountain in class, asking for $500,000 in damages. Wow, I mean, I know the movie was a little slow and lacking some complexities, but I mean... oh wait... is this about the rough gay sex? [Chicagoist]

  • Barrack is all pro-union and proud, walking picket lines and refusing to shop at Walmart. Is this guy ever not on? [SunTimes]

  • Three of the cops from one of the ubiquitous bar beatings are getting charged. These are the guys who went up to 4 pool-playing businessmen and proceeded to beat them for several minutes. Only the finest. [ChiTrib]

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