Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Links Around

  • A whole bunch of people are still really upset about Chief Illiniwek. I had filed this deep in the 'who gives a fuck' file but apparently I was wrong in that. I can see students and grads shedding a single tear, but Old People who never went to U of I are, somewhat creepily, really pissed off about this. There are lawsuits and everything. Over a mascot. [SunTimes]

  • Game show contestant or O-face? [Details]

  • Chicagoist thinks that El Nandu in Logan Sq could rival much beloved Southport fav Tango Sur. I just don't see how that could possibly be possible. But I will go there and eat half my weight in juicy meat to find out for sure. [Chicagoist]

  • New Yorkers go on a citywide manhunt to behead a man who robbed a 101 year-old. Sounds about right. [CNN]

  • Myspace- it's not just for 'researching' exboyfriends and people you went to high school with. Now it's all about stalking your children. [ChiTrib]

  • Living alone, I often had a recurring nightmare that I would die, either choking on Chinese food or of a heart attack, and no one would find me for weeks. I would like to think I would be found before years had passed, as least by creditors. No such luck for poor Larry. If only he had more debt. [CNN]

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